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South Florida Gamer Profile: Origin PC

OriginPC systems

OriginPC systems

Origin PC

If you were to ask someone what city they think of when you mention high end gaming computers Miami most likely would not be one of the answers. However, with the launch of Origin PC, Miami may come to be known as the custom PC capital of the nation.

With companies like Voodoo teaming up with HP and Miami based Alienware teaming with Dell many wondered if the idea of high end custom PC boutiques were a thing of the past. The question on the mind of many gamers is what will Origin PC bring to the gaming market?

That was exactly one of the questions I wanted to ask and Origin PC President Kevin Wasielewski and CCO Hector Penton. They were kind enough to give me some answers.

What made you want to launch a new computer boutique?

Kevin: We wanted to get back to the roots of building custom, high-performance computers for gamers and hardware enthusiasts. Many of the other “gaming PC” companies have lowered their performance output and stopped carrying the latest name brand parts so that they can hit lower price points and be on the shelf for retailers. ORIGIN offers truly custom systems backed be lifetime support from the same technicians that build every high performance ORIGIN system.

Origin PC boasts ultimate customization; they have teamed up with such companies as Killer Paint to offer custom colors and designs for the customers. The desktop, named the Genesis, features options such as over-clocked Intel or AMD processors, Dual or Tri NVIDIA or ATI video cards, Dual or Triple Channel DDR3 2000MHz RAM. Starting at around $1700, customers can not only choose their own case to build their system in, but even send in a personal design to have painted on their case.

origin pc

What makes Origin stand out from other computer boutiques?

Hector: ORIGIN’s products and experience stand apart from the crowd by having the most customizable options, the finest quality hand painted finishes, true HD widescreen multi-GPU notebooks and liquid cooled desktops featuring the only overclock guarantee on the market. Our service is unsurpassed: from beginning to end our customers can speak directly to the same team that customized; hand built, tested, and shipped their computers.

Their EON 18 notebook has an 18.4″ screen, dual Dual Nvidia GeForceGTX 280M graphics processors, and up to three 160GB SSDs for storage and starts around $2,600. But, it is not just about hardware, Origin PC plans to place strong focus on build quality, system testing (including an three-day burn in testing process) and dedicated team that will stand with their customers for the life of their system.

Do you think there is still a strong market for high-end gaming with console gaming and lower end gaming systems?

Kevin: Yes, there is a strong niche market for those customers seeking the best performance, most customization, and personalized support on the market.

What is your opinion of PC Gaming in the age of consoles and hand held portable gaming systems?

Hector: We think PC gaming has a bright future. The video gaming industry is huge and getting bigger every year. There is plenty of room for all types of gaming.

It’s not just the economy, with console dominance and more and more PC games disappearing the question is also will the MMO community be enough to keep high end custom PC builders such as Origin PC in business. Build versus buy has been a long running debate against any gaming boutique and with former custom gaming companies merging with industry giants, the jungle just got a lot tougher.

While it is true there will always be gamers the question is what type of system will they be looking for and what price will they be winning to pay. It is going to take more than a flashy paint job and a cool logo to win over the hard earned cash of the rapidly evolving and changing gamer. Only time will tell, but perhaps with a new perspective and a return to classic system building and support Origin PC can usher in a new age.